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Position: VP Product Development

Location: Hybrid or remote, MetroWest Boston


About Celero Systems:

Celero Systems is a start-up company developing an ingestible platform for physiological monitoring and therapy delivery.  The first indication for the Celero product is to automatically detect and reverse accidental opioid overdose.


About the VP Product Development Role:

The VP Product Development at Celero Systems reports to the CEO and has overall responsibility for all product development activities at the company. 


  • Development of Celero products and technologies having the following capabilities:

    • One week GI residency

    • Wireless and automatic release of residency mechanism

    • Autonomous detection of opioid induced respiratory depression and other indications

    • Multi-chamber wireless drug delivery

    • Actionable report generation for clinicians and patients

  • Work with internal and external partners in developing Celero products that provide value for patients, providers, and health plans.

  • Orchestrate and manage product development aspects of regulatory strategies and interactions with the FDA and other Health Authorities.

  • Contribute to the publication of clinical and product data and the reporting of clinical trial results.

  • Lead relationships with vendors and other partners. 

  • Provide technical expertise and work with other members of the executive team to develop and communicate the overall corporate strategy.

  • Help represent the Company and its programs to external audiences, including the investment, medical and regulatory communities, as well as pharmaceutical or medical device industry collaborators/partners.



  • Experience developing and bringing medical devices or preferably combination products to market.

  • PhD (or equivalent) in a relevant field preferred. 

  • Demonstrated leadership, communications, and technical capabilities.

  • Team player.


Please send a CV and cover letter to

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